a customized ​approach to success

The power of sponsorship is in creating meaningful 
​connections with your target market.

Sponsorship provides millions of dollars to organizations every day, and it’s not just logo placement they demand. There is a clear approach that this form of brand association requires to communicate value, drive awareness and produce positive outcomes and benefits. How do you attract companies and partner with them to sponsor your event or organization? What deliverables do you need to offer? What’s required to create a successful sponsorship? 

Smart Cookie has experience preparing, negotiating, managing and executing all aspects of sponsorship and fundraising initiatives.

This Smart Cookie possess an uncanny ability to create strategic, sustainable partnerships and corporate alliances. Caryl has negotiated, secured and maintained well over $3 million in sponsorship sales with hundreds of companies, from small community businesses to large multi-national corporations. She knows how to connect with key demographics and decision makers and has superb skills at identifying, qualifying, cultivating, and stewarding sponsorship relationships.

​Identify and align ​your vision with the philanthropic goals of companies to ensure sponsors support your initiatives. 

* Sponsorship Package including Value and Pricing – Develop a benefits package that is realistic and achievable, including a background info, deliverable schedule, media exposure and expected return on investment.
* Marketing Materials, Message and Prospects –  Having the right materials and knowing how to pitch your message to the right prospect can be the difference of success or failure. We’ll help you to succeed and foster long term relationships and achieve your sponsorship goals. 

sponsorship Campaigns ​tailored for growth and retention