The Globetrotter’s Guide

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Caryl has traveled to 82 countries on 6 continents
​and is the author of 2 travel books, including 
The Complete Guide to Independent Travel, 
and the Canadian best-seller, 
The Globetrotter’s Guide – Essential Skills for Budget Travel.

Caryl has worked with companies internationally and managed a global organization with multiple directors and committees across dozens of time zones, languages and cultures,and, she is a prolific traveler. Caryl has spent 35 years travelling the world independently!

Caryl taught travel courses through the Vancouver school board for over a decade, and has led workshops and seminars about global travel and cultural diversity throughout North America. She is an accomplished travel photographer and has had her work showcased in multiple Vancouver, BC. Caryl was a regular guest on television and radio shows, and has been interviewed for a variety of magazines in Canada and abroad. She is a public speaker, a keynote presenter and a headliner at conferences, and has spoken in schools, emceed festivals and events all over the globe. 

She is also a global and community leader, spokesperson and advocate for LGBT equality and rights.