We offer 3 options for fees

While we don’t work for free, our fees are reflected in the results of the campaign. We assess your needs and determine where you should spend and where you can save. We prioritize a plan and create a campaign that is within your budget, and able to meet your objectives. 

We base our fees on variables such as complexity of the project, expertise required, the size of the project, communications strategy assessment, the time-frame and project duration. The final cost depends on your needs, your budget and your goals. 

Hourly Fee

Based on a 10-20 hour minimum. This is great for smaller or new businesses ​that need short-term campaigns, team ​training, or a fresh perspective. Workshops, training and individual coaching.

Long-Term retainer

​For companies that want to outsource a consultant and provide expertise of services. This is recommended for companies that are looking specific skills, longer term campaigns or team training.


Fixed monthly Fee

​Recommended for specific campaigns or events, large and small, looking for sales, event management, fund development or sponsorship. 


If you’d like to talk somebody, call 604-255-1185 or email us for a quote. ​Remember, consultations are always free…