Smart Cookie Consulting is a boutique communications firm founded by Caryl Dolinko in 2001. She brings over 30 years of experience in building communications strategies for companies and organizations, both large and small, to increase brand visibility and generate revenue.

Caryl creates strategic partnerships and corporate alliances and has a unique perspective on international issues and global leadership that enriches her natural business instincts. It’s why so many clients are drawn to her. She’s a communicator after all!

Caryl has built her reputation on providing superior service and powerful results. Her innate skills, professional knowledge and academic education ensure clients receive superior service. She has negotiated, secured and sold millions of dollars in sponsorship with hundreds of companies and has planned, bought and managed massive media campaigns. She knows how to connect with key demographics and decision makers and has superb skills at identifying, cultivating and stewarding business relationships.

A persuasive communicator, hard worker and natural leader, Caryl ensures projects are successfully completed. With a Master’s Degree in Intercultural and International Communications and Global Leadership, she knows the approach needed to succeed. 
Smart Cookie Consulting can make a difference for You!